How to add multiple tracking numbers to one order/product - or an app that allows this

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We have products that consist of multiple parts. The "bundle" is listed as a single SKU but consists of multiple physical items, and we'd like to keep it that way.

We would like a way of adding multiple tracking numbers to the order and having the customer notified.

Please note the order is for ONE logical item, not multiple SKU/items but may be shipped in 3 satchels.

Any way of achieving this manually or an app that will allow this?



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I am also having this issue... Any help would be appreciated!



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You can use the  Shipment Tracking & Notify App. By using this app you can add multiple tracking numbers to a single order once it is imported to the app,  just by choosing the shipping carrier for that tracking id. 

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Are you sure? It looks like the app is just another tracking and notification portal which Shopify does quite well anyway. I can't see a facility to add tracking ID's except through the order itself, which only accepts one tracking number if there is only one SKU.

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Not ideal and the 2.2 rating is not impressive.