How to address wage theft on a POS system?

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Hello, I am hoping to get some guidance on how to proceed with an instance of wage theft on this platform. 
A family owned restaurant recently hosted another business owner's (Darius Williams AKA DariusCooks) social event where wait staff was provided by the restaurant. DariusCooks and the restaurant owner had an agreement that all patrons' charges would be run through the business owner's POS (through his Shopify account) and gratuities would be paid to the servers nightly. 
Long story short, that was not done and Darius Williams is now claiming that he WILL NOT be sending the restaurant owner any of the server's gratuities. He recorded himself on livestream reading through his contract and instructed the restaurant owner to take him to court. 
Shopify, are you in compliance with a business owner refusing to pay out gratuities to wait staff after an event has passed? The bottom line here is that Darius Williams is refusing to pay tips to wait staff, is that allowed and how can we assist the wait staff in obtaining their tips? Hopefully Shopify will be able to resolve this and instruct Darius Williams to pay out the servers tips. Thank you in advance to anyone who is able to help resolve this. 
*I have the the recording of Darius Williams verbally confirming that he will not be sending the restaurant owner any gratuities, but I cannot attach it*


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