How to adjust same-day shipping cutoff time for accurate delivery dates?

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We would like to utilize the "Expected Delivery Date" function in the shipping options, but the shipping cutoff time seems to be locked at 12pm.  


>> Settings >> Shipping and delivery >> show delivery dates at checkout




We ship same day until 2pm Central and would like to adjust this to allow customers to get the correct delivery day results in checkout.  Currently for example if on MONDAY they checkout between 12pm and 2pm (the actual cutoff time) they are shown that Next Day delivery won't be WEDNESDAY.  Not only does this make the customers pay needlessly for shipping, but it puts the company in a bad light, as if we can't get our act together and ship later in the day.

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"The business day cutoff time is 12 pm in the local timezone of the shipping origin." 


I don't believe it's currently possible to change the cut-off time, as my understanding is that this is set automatically by Shopify and isn't editable. 


I think your best option is probably to edit your "processing time" to be a bit longer, so that the estimated delivery date is more accurate: 

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