How to adjust shipping costs on a new dropshipping store?

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My name is Favour and I just launched a Shopify store 4 days ago but I have not gotten a hang of it yet. I have a very confusing situation that I would like some help with.

When I list products from Cjdropshipping I use the recommended pricing which includes the production and shipping costs.

My Question: 1) Do I still need to adjust my shipping cost on my end when fulfilling orders?

2) How do I know how much to charge for shipping to avoid overcharging?

3) Would the recommended pricing apply when I place the order?

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Hey there, @fayvy. Thanks for your post here in the Shopify Community! It's nice to meet you!


So with CJDropshipping behind a third-party fulfillment service, there are some things we made be limited on assisting you with, but we can lend a hand with your questions here! I'll number my answers to your questions below for ease of understanding.


1.) You will have to set up shipping rates in your Shopify Store so your customers can purchase your CJ products. Shipping rates are required so that, when a customer goes to your checkout to purchase something, the system is able to check to see where a product is able to be sent to, and also apply the correct shipping cost to it. I found a resource from CJ on setting up your shipping here. I recommend that you refer to that document for the steps you need to take to get your shipping set up as needed. In addition to this, here is a Shopify Resource with more step-by-step instructions on how to set up your rates.


2.) Usually when folks dropship, they set up a flat shipping rate globally and charge a flat shipping fee, or they offer free shipping to their customers, and add the cost of their shipping with CJ to the price of the product. It's difficult to 'overcharge' with your shipping rates, but you can use the free shipping method to help your customers feel like they're getting some value out of placing an order with you.


3.) Where are you seeing that information regarding a recommended price? If that is coming from CJ, that is the price that they are likely telling you it would be a good idea to list that specific product for. You can choose to change the product to that price within your admin, if you like, but it's not required. CJ can likely provide you more guidance on this specific question.


With you dropshipping, have you taken some time to think about what your packaging may look like when products are delivered to your customers? I suggest that you check-out this CJ resource on custom packaging! It's important to consider this for your business, as having packaging that aligns with your branding goes a long way with your customers!

Imogen | Social Care @ Shopify 
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