How to best set up shipping to deal with multiples of the same product

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Hi All - we're new to Shopify and are a bit overwhelmed by all the different options.

My wife sells skeins of yarn. We've set up a product "Skein of Wool Yarn - weight 5 oz". Our confusion kicks in when customers order more than one skein.

1- 3 Skeins -- We would expect to ship 1 - 3 skeins (5 - 15 oz weight) in a Tyvek envelope USPS First Class Package
4 - 6 Skeins - Still shipping in large envelope, but now via Priority Mail
6+ Skeins - Now shipping in small box via Priority Mail

How do we set up Product entry etc to deal with the changes in packaging and carrier charging??

We will greatly appreciate any and all suggestions and discussion.

Jim & Pam in Mid Coast Maine

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Hi @Shep_Jim,

Since Shopify only offers one package size to be sent off for live rate calculations, you'll have to choose only one default package for all your products. If you are open to using an app, the Multi Carrier Shipping Label app would be a great fit. You can add your own carrier accounts and set up the packaging based on weight. You can add boxes with a maximum weight value so that, all your products which weigh equal to or less than that weight will be packed in one box and this process is continued until all the products are packed. You can check out this guide for more info regarding the same. 

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