Re: How to block a payment method for specific customer

How to block a payment method for specific customer

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We would like to disable a specific payment method when specially tagged customer.

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+10000000!! PLEASE implement this! My company is also in desperate need of this option. It's ridiculous that store owners don't have control over this for their businesses. Our site works as a "catalog" with wholesale and B2C options but does not produce enough revenue to justify $2000/month JUST for this feature!!

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Need this feature as well! Please Shopify, make it available to all plans, not only for Shopify Plus! It's very frustrating to constantly cancel orders from customers who are using manual payment even it's clearly described that only certain customers are allowed to use it! Frustrating to me and to customers!

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Hi all,


As a Shopify developer, I had to find a workaround for one of my client. I thought I would help some of you by sharing the workaround I thought of. This solution is depending only on the payment provider you want to allow for your Wholesale customer

Almost all of the payment providers have APIs or embedding solutions you can use to allow customers to pay directly on your website. The solution here is to add a condition to your "go to checkout" button and redirect to a custom page where you embbed the payment form from your payment provider by transfering the JSON data from the cart to their form. However, you won't be able to track the sales in your dashboard (except if you add them manually or create an automatic process but it would take some time to develop it).


Hopefully this will help some of you who know how to code


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2.5 years after this post. I need this too.

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I found an e-commerce site that ends with "wid" works well for what I needed. I can place customers into specific groups. Then restrict special payment methods to group members. Whether or not this will work for your needs is something you will need to review.

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+1 Really need this feature!

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As a Shopify Partner agency we can develop a custom page for making wholesale orders. This page could be restricted only for your business partners accounts. That is the only way how to do it.

If you want just send me a message to and we can do this for you.

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Does your agency have access to the checkout template?  We have this same issue, and we just need "If Customer Tag != ApprovedNetTerms and Payment ID is 'Net 30', then don't display." on the checkout page.  Simple, but seems so complicated that this isn't built-in? 


Doesn't seem like it would be something to withhold like Full Self-Driving software for a Tesla.  Come on, Shopify.  We are a new customer, have the Advanced plan, and there's nothing for this.

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Is there still no solution for this?


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Adding ourselves to list of stores desperately needing this feature.

Shopify will never add it since adding useful features goes against Shopify policy so go ahead and open it up to developers for an app solution. Forcing everything to an app is poor policy (unless Shopify itself becomes free) but it's better than the $2000/month Shopify plan just to get what should be a basic feature.

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Bump, looking for this too

Eating losses as my wholesale customers are discounted and I have to pay higher fees when they use Shop Pay

I still want regular customers to have the option

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Hi all, have you tried this app: Hidepay


Looks like you can Hide certain payment methods using many rules, so perhaps you can hide manual payments to general customers and have the manual payment methods showing only to your wholesale customers,  based on the rules you choose (Value, customer)

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Free app to use: extreme checkout customizer, 


use a rule in the app: Hide payment methods when tag is not the same as your wholesale customers, i only allow my wholesale customers to pay manually

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This sounds great, but then it will show when there is no tag available... (new customers or customers without an account)

How did you tackle this?

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Hi, yes you will have to get creative with how you apply this, so in my
case I don’t want any new or regular retail customers being able to select
manual payment options as this results in a lot of orders placed with the
customers never making bank payments, but I wanted to give this option only
to my approved wholesale customers. So I will create an account for the
wholesale customer and use the tag: “wholesale” under the customer
maintenance screen

And using this free app I create a rule: hide manual payment for all,
except for those tagged “wholesale”

The wholesale customers will have to then log in or if using their
designated name in the order , at the checkout they will be able to see the
manual payment option they can click
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Hello @RicardoKEDGE 


Please take a look with this app:

It has easy way to restrict payment method by customer tag.


1) in the app create a rule



2) and set a rule like below screenshot:



choose does not contain if you want to hide payment method if customer has not tag.


I hope this helps you. 


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Ok so I’ve used the app recommended above (Payfy) and it does exactly what everyone is asking for. It’s a very low monthly fee (currently $3.99) and definitely worth it. 
I now have a b2b checkout with only bank transfer as an option and a b2c checkout with the full set of payment methods minus the bank transfer option. 
I just tagged all b2b customers with a “wholesale” tag and used this to set it up. Shopify forms can tag any customers applying for a wholesale account with this tag so it’s fairly automated.