How to block a payment method for specific customer

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We would like to disable a specific payment method when specially tagged customer.

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Hey, @hlmo 


At this time, it's not possible to set or restrict payment methods for your customers checking out on your store based on a customer tag. Payment methods are a store-wide feature that cannot be segmented out based on conditions. 


With that said, is there a particular reason why you want to limit the customers available payment methods? If there is anything else I can help you with, please let me know.



Dirk | Social Care @ Shopify 
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thanks for answering
my goal is to show only the manual payment method to a group of trusted users, is there any way to achieve this

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This is something we really need too.

Our use case is that we want to have all of our customers paying by credit card to lessen the accounting workload of tracking Direct Debit payments.

However we have a couple of big customers who insist on Direct Debit and they are big enough that we have to allow this for them. But we don't want it to be an option for the others.

And no, leaving it available and then just telling them afterwards that they can't use it is not acceptable as that just upsets people.

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I would like to have this feature to only allow bank-transfer/invoice payment option to wholesale customers. I don't want to offer this to regular customer as cash-collection becomes a headache otherwise.

It seems Shopify-plus enables this but it is way too expensive for SMB while wholesale channel is a very common way to sell for SMB.

Any updates on this?

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I would also like this feature for trade customers where we give a discount and want these customers to pay by bank transfer as we cannot bear the cost of payment fees in addition to the discount.

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Yes, same here.
We want to allow our resellers to select payment per invoice but certainly don't want all other customers to be able to use this method!


Currently we tell these customers to create their carts and abandon them, then contact us, so we finish their order.

An ugly hack.

Especially, as you do not allow the shop owner to convert an abandoned cart into an actual order. So we have to copy everything by hand. SUCKS!!!

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+1 to this. It would be ideal to be able to set different payment options for different user groups and help automate the management of Wholesale /VIP customers

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It's quite silly how Shopify includes alternative payment methods but no method to restrict them

We want to add a manual payment method for select customers, and we can't do it - not even with an app?

Shopify allows us to have the manual method for everyone, or not at all. So our choice is between a massive financial liability, or not implementing basic features that all our non-Shopify based competitors offer.

In this regard our business is now at a competitive disadvantage, for no reason other than that we chose Shopify for our platform.

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+1 to this, we need to be able to offer alternative payment methods to our wholesale customers that are not to be available to the general public. Crude workarounds are not ideal, Shopify you should really look into implementing this.