Re: How to change the payment method by country

How to change the payment method by country

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Hello everyone,

I would like to be able to change the payment method by country.
For example; When using Stripe or Shopify Payments in the USA, can I use the Iyzico payment method for Turkey? How can I manage this?


Thank you.

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Hi there @MosOnline!


It is not currently possible to restrict the availability of a given payment method based on the customer's country.


Could you let me know a bit more about why you're looking to be able to do this, so we can see if there is any advice we can give on workarounds or alternatives?


Would your store be based in the USA, Turkey, or somewhere else?


We do have tools like Shopify Markets to enable selling internationally cross-border that you can check out.


Are you in the process of setting up and building out your store still, or have you been in business for a while already?

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Hello Don,

I want to sell the products on my site all over the world (especially USA, Europe and Gulf countries).
Therefore, I have to show different payment method in different countries.
For example; While I use "2chekouts" in Gulf countries, I want to use "Stripe" in America, but I want to be able to use a different payment method in European countries.

By the way, I checked the links you sent, but they don't answer my question.

Thank you.

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Hi, alternatively we, PayTR, can assist you. you can reach us via  . For integration please see

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I too would like this option to require customers in Mexico to use PayPal only since Shopify doesn't protect ANY standard transactions made outside of your vaguely separate Shop Pay vs Shopify Payment setup. I am getting WAY too many fraudulent charge backs from Mexican customers but have too many valid customers to ban the entire country. Allowing selective payment options by country (even requiring ShopPay or PayPal and not allowing standard Shopify Payment would be perfect)

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Hi Don, I realize this is an older thread, but it really is something that has to be dealt with by shopify. It should be my right as a merchant to choose which countries I am comfortable accepting credit card payments from. Yes, I do know that I can manually collect payments (which I do), BUT this is AFTER the customer believes they have paid. I am just launching my store and have had to cancel multiple international credit card orders - and NOT ONE of them has replaced the order with a paypal payment. It's a real bummer, and shopify could - and should - do a better job for their merchants. 

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Another core ecommerce feature missing from the market leader!


Is it still not possible to do this? I want to restrict certain payment methods to certain countries such as PayPal and bank transfer.

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Hi @benpellwall ,


You can achieve this with the Kip: Customize Payment Methods app, which let's you change the payment method names based on the conditions that you set, in this case, you can select the "Country" as the condition and set different names for the payment gateway in different countries.

Screenshot 2023-12-14 at 18.30.43.png


I hope you find this helpful!

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It's possible to show different payment methods for different countries in Shopify checkout page using PayRules: Hide Payment Methods app. For an example, to show Iyzico payment method for Turkey only, you can follow the below steps:


  1. Write Iyzico in the Additonal payment methods field.
  2. In the Countries field options, choose Hide if not found and write Turkey like the below screenshot.




Now your customer can order using Iyzico payment from Turkey only. For other countries like USA and other payment methods like Stripe, Shopify Payments etc, you can create another rule like the above screenshot as well. You can create up to 5 unique rules to hide payment methods based on different conditions.