How to charge shipping per item with multiple quantities ordered when dropshipping.

How to charge shipping per item with multiple quantities ordered when dropshipping.

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I use DSers w/aliexpress dropshipping.


I've run some tests, and a customer can order 100 pieces of the same item, and my shopify store only charges shipping on one item. For example, aliexpress standard shipping is $3 on a product. if a customer orders 100 of them they only pay $3 total for shipping on all 100 products. It's not a problem when rates are low. I even offer free shipping on orders over $50. But the same thing happens when using aliexpress premium shipping. Sometimes the fee is up to $10 or more. That would be $10 total for premium shipping on all 100 products. The problem is I would be responsible for the product cost and shipping cost for each item while only collecting shipping costs for a single item of the total quantity.


How can I set up my store to charge shipping on every item sold not just the first one of a larger quantity.


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You could charge shipping based on weight, then set your product weights accordingly. If weight doesn't matter to you, then you could just make every product like 1 pound, then add shipping rates accordingly where you want to charge ($X for 1 - 5 pounds, $Y for 6 - 10, etc).


Another thing I've seen, you can charge shipping rates per each location. If all products are being fulfilled from the same location then that won't work, but if you want to charge the shipping rate for each location I think you have to reach out to Shopify support to toggle that method for you.

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I have one product, but a customer orders three of the same product,  How can I charge the right amount for shipping 3 of the same item (same address).  I am using Shopify shipping.


If I have to do it by weight? How do I do it and are the rates calculated automatically by the courier  ?

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Same question. Did you ever get it worked out? I sold 10 items and customer was only charged shipping for 1. 

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