How to combine postage charge when 2 items bought together

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Hi there


I have been trying to set up shipping so that i have a different price for an item that fits through a letter box - versus a parcel size.


However if the 2 items are bought together - then I only wish to charge the parcel price and currently the system is adding both prices together.   Is there a way to get around this and only have the parcel postage size?


Thanks in advance!



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Hey @Caroline_Spice,


Unfortunately, Shopify's blending rules for profiles is rather limited at the moment.  There are two methods to their blending:


1.  Combine rates from shipping methods with the same name.

2. Combine the cheapest rates from each profile.


If you're open to trying a third-party app, Intuitive Shipping can certainly solve this for you using a combination of our conditions system to toggle which methods should appear at checkout based on items in the cart, as well as our advanced rates blending system.  I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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Hi there I have had the same problem and have now figured it out, I have set up 2 postage profiles 

1st profile £2.50 for large letters

2nd profile £4.50 for parcels

Now if a customer buys a large letter and a parcel the price was £7.00

So for the 1st profile I set the weight upto 20g and for the second profile I set the weight upto 10.000g

Now when some one buys for example 3 large letters and 2 parcels it charges them just the second profile of £4.50

Hope this helps 😊

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Your suggestion is very helpful. I'm having a problem with this as well. May I please ask do I have to set the weight each product I listed, so that the system could calculate the total weight for shipping at checkout? Please help. Thank you so much.

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did you manage to sort this out? I have exactly same issue 😞 

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Hello @Fabstick ,


I've addressed a similar question in this response, so feel free to take a look.

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