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How to combine shipping costs for different product sizes?

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Hi everyone, I have a shipping questions, I'm sure it is an easy fix but I can't work it out! 

We have two different flat rate shipping tiers on our site
Tier 1 - small items $2.50
Tier 2 - larger items $13

But I have just realised that if a customer buys products from tier 1 and 2 then it adds the postage together to be $15.50. This isn't necessary because the small items can be shipping in our larger boxes fine.

I tried to add our smaller products to tier 2 but it takes them out of tier 1 - so the smaller items cost $13 to ship.

Does anyone know how to fix this issue? Also, if this question has already been asked, can you link me the thread? I wasn't sure what key words to use to search the problem.


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Hello! I understand your shipping question and the issue you're facing with tiered shipping rates. To address this, you can follow these steps:

1. Go to your Shopify admin and navigate to "Settings" and then "Shipping and delivery".

2. Under the "Shipping profiles" section, locate the shipping profile that contains the tiered shipping rates you mentioned (Tier 1 and Tier 2).

3. Edit the shipping profile by clicking on its name or the "Manage rates" button.

4. Within the shipping profile, you'll see the rates you have set up. By default, the rates are cumulative, meaning they add up if a customer purchases products from different tiers.

5. To fix the issue, you'll need to adjust the shipping rates. You can remove the individual rates for Tier 1 and Tier 2 and create a new rate that covers both small and larger items.

6. Click on the "Add rate" button and set up a new rate with the desired cost. For example, you can set a rate of $13 for all items, regardless of their size or tier.

7. Save the changes to your shipping profile.

By setting up a single rate that covers both small and larger items, you ensure that customers won't be charged separately for different tiers. This way, if a customer buys products from both Tier 1 and Tier 2, they will be charged the fixed rate you specified.

Regarding finding similar threads or discussions about this issue, you can try searching keywords like "Shopify shipping rates combining tiers" or "cumulative shipping rates Shopify" on platforms like the Shopify Community forums or relevant Facebook groups. These platforms often have a wealth of discussions where merchants share their experiences and solutions to common challenges.

I hope this helps resolve your shipping issue! If you have any further questions, feel free to ask.

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How is this a solution? Now when someone in the above example buys something from Tier 1 one they have to pay the same as something that should have a Tier 2 shipping rate? 

Shopify is seriously broken here, and I'm not gonna continue after the trial period, just because of this table stakes feature that seemingly every other platform does have; pick the highest shipping category when multiple items are combined. Baffled that this isn't in the feature set.

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Hi Any update on this issue? trying to tackle same situation in my new shop and seems like there is no way for not overcharging customer for postage when buying small and large items together. 

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Hello @kaysat ,


If you have products assigned to multiple shipping profiles, the shipping rates will automatically be combined, and there's no way to prevent this from happening. Even if you're using an app, the rates will still be merged.


Consider simplifying your setup by using just one shipping profile. Configure the weight for each product and adjust the weight ranges to accommodate both light and heavy items.


Alternatively, you can opt for Carrier Calculated Rates. With this option, you won't need to configure weight ranges for different categories or products. Instead, the system will calculate and provide actual shipping rates at checkout based on the total weight of the package for the buyer.

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Instead of moving your smaller items to tier 2 (which makes them cost $13 to ship), let's keep them in tier 1. All you need to do is adjust the shipping settings for tier 2. Since the smaller items can fit in larger boxes without any problem, just update the shipping cost for tier 2 items to $2.50 as well. This way, when customers buy products from both tiers, the combined shipping will be a reasonable $2.50 instead of $15.50. They specialize in handling larger items and provide reliable services. If you ever need help with shipping overseas, you can check out for more options.

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Not a sensible solution.  What happens if a customer only buys a tier 2 product, they then get shipping for $2.50 instead of $13.

Shopify really need to offer a solution to this because it is very easy to set the shipping tiers to only use the highest rate depending on what is in the basket if you are using woocommerce.

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Pulse completely agree with you none of these make any sense. These are clearly developer style answers where hey its good enough and it works. They don't care about the effect it has on sales / conversions. I am having the exact same issue right now. I've had okay success with simply leaving everything in the larger package shipping tier and if I see an abandoned cart I reach out offering to refund the shipping difference if they purchase plus a little extra discount for their troubles.