How to configure shipping zones and profiles for two locations?

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Hi All


I have stock in two locations - Spain and UK.  The same stock in both locations (we only have a few skus).


I want to set up so that all EU countries get stock from Spain Depot. EU countries must not be able to get stock from UK depot and Spain Depot must not supply any countries outside EU.


Then UK depot will supply UK and ROW.


Retail prics will be the same in both locations (just converted for currency) BUT shipping fees will be different:


I want one standard shipping fee for all of EU from the Spain depot.


BUT I want to have various shipping fees fo rthe UK depot depending upon country of  delivery.


Can anyone help?!!



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Hello @Ken37 ,


To ensure proper stock management, set up the shipping origin for each shipping zone. This is crucial for handling stock from the respective location.


The rest of the setup involves straightforward configuration of zones, shipping rates, and a single shipping profile.


1. Create three shipping zones: one for Spain, one for the UK, and another for the rest of the world. You might need additional zones for different rates in other countries.

2. Under the Spain shipping zone, include all EU countries except the UK.

3. In the UK shipping zone, select only the UK.

4. For the rest of the world shipping zone, choose all countries excluding the EU and the UK.

5. Finally, set up shipping rates for each zone.

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