How to connect Shopify Stripe account to printfull and printify apps?

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Hello Guys,

Newbie Here.

Today i faced a problem with my first order, i have already create my and integrate my shopify with a stripe account and on the side of printful i set as billing method my Paypal profile.

now the problem is that when a customer order something and paying with credit card through stripe the money goes to Stripe account which i cant set it as billing method on printfull. The problem is that the printful trying to find money on paypal which is empty and failed, but the true behavior is to ask money from Stripe but as i said i cant set it as billing method on printful.
Do you have implement any solution? am i doing something wrong? to be honest im really lost on this topic
Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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Congrats on your first order! You're not doing anything wrong at all! 

I think the best route here would be to contact Printful to see if they offer Stripe as a payment method. If they do, then that would be the best-case scenario as they can bill directly from the same account your funds are being paid to. However; there still may be a delay in the funds being deposited as per Stripes payout periods. 

In the event that Printful doesn't support Stripe, then you'll need to either transfer the funds from Stripe to Paypal, then process the order through Printful or you can cover the cost of the order out of pocket to begin the fulfillment process, then have the funds paid out to you by Stripe at a later time. I believe Printful does support payment via a credit card as well. 

If you have the funds available, I would suggest opting for paying out of pocket to avoid any delays in the fulfillment process; however, I can understand if that isn't feasible when first starting out. If you're needing to wait for the funds to be available, then I'd recommend tweaking your shipping policy to account for the delay (i.e. Shipping will be 7-10 days after fulfillment). You can set up your shipping rates in Settings/Shipping. 

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I understand, Your Reply is really helpfull thank you very much