How to Create a Payment Session to get a Session ID

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Hey folks,


Our team is building an app for our sales channel and as part of this, we intend to use the Payments resource, enabling us to submit payment details directly to Shopify. 


While our app request for Payment Processing is currently being reviewed by the Shopify team, we are exploring the documentation and have gotten stuck. It seems as though the developer documentation references the ability to "create a payment session by submitting the card details to Shopify's card vault in exchange for a session ID", but we cannot find any documentation on which endpoint to use or what the payload is supposed to look like.


We've explored a few areas of documentation, but can't seem to find an answer here or anywhere else online:


  1. This one states that to complete a payment using the payment resource we can create a payment session by submitting the card details in exchange for a session ID but doesn't detail how to do this.
  2. This one states that "To get the vault ID to complete a payment, you need to send a POST request to the Shopify card vault, and provides a sample response, but doesn't detail what endpoint to use for the POST request, nor the payload shape.


Here's hoping someone might be able to point us in the right direction or share the steps they used to create a session ID from Shopify's card vault.






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this thread is duplicated. Please find solution here: 


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