How to disable variants for certain markets?

How to disable variants for certain markets?

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Hello! Hoping someone can help. 


I sell art prints. Each listing has 2 variables: Size (option 1) and Framing (option 2). However I can only sell framed prints to certain countries.  In theory I thought this would be easy: Export the .csv for all my products, scroll to the relevant Included/[country] column, and change entry to "FALSE" for the frame variants. But this doesn't work. 


After saving the new csv, I import it back to Shopify. But after it finishes importing, the frame options still show for every country. I exported the csv again, only to see that my "FALSE" entries have reverted back to blank.  


Why is this happening? This would be such a simple way to control product offering per country so I hope it's possible. Or, are there any easier ways?



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