How to disallow shipping and require local pickup for some online purchases

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I allow certain products to be purchased online but local pickup is required. I don’t want customers to have a shipping option on these products. How is this achieved? 

My current solution is to turn off the physical product option but I think this solution turns off tax collection.



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One potential solution could be to use our app ShipMagic to hide shipping rates for the certain products. 
You can use our app's starter plan - which works on all Shopify plans.

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Calculate accurate shipping rates: Shipping Calculator: ShipMagic
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Hi there!

Stephane here from Zapiet 

Our Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery app can handle that for you with our Conditional activation feature which allows you fully control which products are available for the 3 possible checkout-method options (Store Pickup, Local Delivery, Shipping) 

The Conditional activation feature is flexible in that it allows you to select one of the following variables to control which products are available for the desired checkout option (product type, collection, vendor, or tags)

To learn more on this particular feature, I will include the following help article : Conditional activation

Should you have any questions regarding this or any of our app's features, feel free to reach out at or at and we'll be happy to help 🙂

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Hello @Keith25 ,


It is possible to set up pickup for certain products during checkout.


These products will not have a shipping option.


To enable pickup for specific products, stock the products at the pickup location and go to Settings > Shipping and Delivery > Local pickup to activate the location.


Refer to the article for more information

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