How to divide a large order into two for efficient shipping?

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I am looking for an easy way to split a large order into two for shipping  to avoid the new EC customs charges over £135 for goods shipping from the UK that originate outside the UK (eg china).


I am happy to pay the additional shipping charge for the split shipments as don't want to discourage the orders we receive over £135 (from Germany in particular) now the UK is subject to the new tax regulations following Brexit.


Each label needs to also have the accompanying customs label but only showing the product name, description, price etc for that parcel rather than for the whole order (of the split shipments).


Hope this makes sense!  



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The SplitOrder app is worth looking at for this. 


You can set up a rule in the app that will automatically split orders into separate orders depending on specific criteria (E.g. order is above £135 in value). 


If using a separate WMS like ShipStation, the rule can be setup to create the new order in ShipStation instead of Shopify if needed. 

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You can do this with our Starshipit too – you can essentially just create a simple automation rule to split the order if it's over a certain value. Let me know if you'd like to learn more!

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