how to do online store without registering a company in Sweden

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Hi, my daughter has opened an online small business as a learning project. she created a paypal company account (requested by Shopify) in order to get the whole process through. she has had a few orders. however, she now got request to register a legal entity in order to receive payment for those orders. Is there any other way for payment? to register a legal entity is very complicated and not worthy for such small business. now all those money are pending and could not transfer to my bank account (she used my bank account as receiving account). Thank you!


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I think you will find this difficult. All payment processors have to operate by the rules of the country they are operating in. In many countries the rules are few, but in Sweden, having lived and worked there, I can believe there will be rules you will find hard to get around. If you check out the link below you will see the same issue for Netherlands and Belgium, it doesn't matter who the payment processor is, the rules are the same.