How to edit an order if the customer's billing address is incomplete, but the bank approved payment?

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I have a customer that had an incomplete address.  They skipped over the state and left it as the default Alabama, but they entered in their correct zip code. The rest of their address is complete and correct.  Their bank approved the payment. Now I need to go in and edit the order, and I keep getting an error when I try to edit: "Unable to Edit Order. Orders with incomplete billing addresses can't be edited." Shopify doesn't allow for customer billing addresses to be edited once an order has been placed and payment approved, so how do I edit the order without having to cancel the order and draft a new order and ask the customer to pay again?

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Hi @artspepperco!

Is it fair to say that your top concern is being able to ship out this customer's order without requiring them to place a new one and/or pay again?

If so, I think our best option will be to create a draft order replicating the original one, then fulfill this new order. I find it useful to reference the original order in a separate tab, but absolutely up to you! To achieve this, you can follow these steps: 

  1. Optional: Duplicate the product(s) in the original order (this way your inventory and analytics will not be impacted). 
  2. Visit Orders and select Create order
  3. Add your product(s) to the order (specifically your duplicate products if you created any). 
  4. Under Find or create a customer, add your customer. Confirm that any contact information, and shipping/billing addresses are accurate.  
  5. Under Payment, select Discount, and apply a discount of 100% (or any amount of your choice). This will ensure your customer is not required to pay a second time for their order and avoids impacting your store's sales data. 
  6. Select Mark as paid (shown below). 






You'll now have created a new order, which you can find on your main Orders page. Go ahead and fulfill this order as usual and let me know if you run into any challenges! 

June | Social Care @ Shopify 
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