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How to enable partial payments on draft orders in POS?

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We have a customer who is putting things on layaway and will be making partial payments every month. We have done this for years, and now I do not see the "select payment option--> split pay --> mark as partially paid" in the orders tab in the shopify admin. I am only seeing a "Enter credit card " (charging the whole amount, no option to edit this), or "mark as paid".


If I ring this up on the Shopify POS register and hit split payment, will it allow me to mark the order as partially paid and to be completed at a later date? I do not want to charge her card if it will not allow me to do the partial transaction there. In the past, when doing split payments on POS, it immediately prompts you to pay the remaining amount and won't let you close out of the order without completing. 

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I also need this feature. I have a customer who wants to spread payment over 2 cards. When you collect payment, only the whole amount will charge

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we are in an industry where transactions usually comes in large amount and orders take long time to fulfil. Therefore, it is important that we charge deposits to order goods in and final payments before releasing the goods. Due to the nature of large amount, most orders will be pushed to Draft orders from POS and as a result we are not able to use the partial payment function from POS. It will be great if this function can be added to Shopify Admin side.