How to establish multiple local pick up locations for customers?

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I'd love to set up multiple physical locations where customers could go and pick up their order. This location would not ship from that location and would hold inventory in stock and anytime a customer would chose this option we would deliver it there from our central location. It would be just a pick up spot.

We are a coffee roastery (primary shipping site) and a cafe (local pick up only).

This way we would have one central location that has all of the inventory and ships all orders, allows pick up and one more location in town that would only allow local pick up. 

Is there a way to do this? Currently when I have no inventory in the second location, it doesn't even show up as an option at checkout.  One option might be to set up some arbitrary inventory at the other location, but this would create whole another level of needless complexity.

Thank you.

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Hi there, @Patrik_Rami 

Ryder here from the Social Care Team at Shopify. Welcome to the Community and thanks for posting! Glad to hear you've decided on setting up a Local Pick-up experience for your customers. I'd be happy to discuss the options available to create a pick-up location that does not ship out orders.

In order to be eligible to setup pick-up for online orders, you need to have 20 or fewer locations, have multiple location inventory enabled, and multi-origin shipping enabled. Once you've done this, you'll want to create a location for local pickup and ensure that the "Fulfill online orders from this location" option is checked:


In your Shipping Settings, you'll need to 'Manage' the location in question to accept Local Pickup orders.



It sounds like you might've already gone this far, and you're correct - in order to show local pickup availability, you'll need to have some level of stock available at those locations. You can begin with an arbitrary number - in my example, I've created a transfer to transfer two Small and two Medium of my 'Example T-shirt' products from my primary location to my Local Pickup location on the same day.


Then, I received the transfer. You can receive all items by clicking "Mark complete" or individually by clicking "Receive items".



Once stocked, that Local Pickup option will display at checkout:



I understand that you also want to ensure that these locations don't offer shipping. This shouldn't be a problem as long as you're mindful of where you're shipping out your orders from. Once an order comes in, it should automatically display to ship from your primary location. You'll have the ability to toggle between alternative locations, should you choose to do so:


After you've delivered the product to the local pickup location, you can mark the order as 'Ready for pickup' which will send your customer an automatic email to update them about the status of their order.


You can also do this on the Shopify POS app. If your local pickup locations are staffed with access to these 13 staff permissions, they'll be able to 'Mark as picked up' on their end through the POS app as well.


Otherwise, you can do this after receiving confirmation from the local pickup location that the order has been picked up.

Alternatively, you can use a third-party app, or create a duplicate of this product that does not track inventory quantity. This won't display in your products as the same product, and thus won't be able to keep track of the inventory; however, you'll still be able to view some product insights on the product page. For shops on the Shopify plan, you can also utilize the sales report to keep track. I would be cautious if taking this approach, as you'll want to be mindful of overselling your products.


I hope this helps! Please let me know if there's anything I can clarify.



To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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Ryder A., your answer didn't help the original poster, who like me wants to have multiple pick up locations, but only have to use one inventory. I have a drop-off service once a month, and it's been a headache from day one to make it work using Shopify Pickup. I have to tell people over and over again to leave us a note in the note box before they check out, and inevitably a few people always forget, they don't see the box, or something. Why is it that over two years later Shopify still has not fixed this issue? Let us turn or off the ability to have multiple inventories or not. Can you please address what has happened since you last answered this question?

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We too would like have two pick up locations available while maintaining only one set of inventory!  We've tried to figure out several workarounds, but so far we haven't found one other than the "please let us know where you're picking up in the notes section" conversation.  It would be so much cleaner to have the two separate locations.

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YES! I have been smashing my head against the desk trying to understand why this is so complicated.  

I am a consignment store with only one of each item I have in stock, so I can't even use this silly inventory work around to offer a second pickup location.  It is truly mind blowing that this is such a difficult request to manage.  

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Please offer multiple pick up locations with one inventory source! Farmers desperately need more options. Thank you

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Did you read what Patrik_Rami was asking? Your solution to his issue is not a solution. I HAVE THE SAME ISSUE! I ONLY HAVE ONE INVENTORY but I have multiple options for pick up. We fill orders and bring them to different locations for customers to pick up. we do not and will not have MULTIPLE inventory locations. 

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Hey hey, any news from this ? I have EXACTLY the same issue.

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Ugh, no. And it seems like such an easy fix. I’m so annoyed
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Did someone figure this out?

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Has anyone found a solution for this? I too have this same exact issue. I know it can be resolved with expensive app addons but should be inbuilt into shopify as a setting for pickup locations rather than the locations only be connected to inventory. 

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I found a good solution to this, in case anyone else comes across this thread. We use the paid app Stock Sync: Inventory Autosync. We have multiple pick-up locations listed, and their inventories are linked to the central location. When an item is purchased at any location, the inventory updates across the board. The inventory also updates if we manually adjust the numbers at one location. Works really well for us, seamless experience for customers, and worth the cost.


App link: