How to fix tracking link issues with SPS Commerce and 3PL?

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Hey there,


I am looking to compare notes with someone else that is using SPS Commerce to transact with their Shopify store and a 3PL. We were using Dropstream directly with the 3PL for a while and things worked great but it was causing a lot of manual work on the ERP side. Now we have SPS which has alleviated a lof of the work on the ERP side but has since caused tracking links to not work when updated by the 3PL. Customers get the tracking but they have to manually copy and paste into the tracking website in order to track the order instead of having it auto-populated. I am sure it has something to do with the way that the tracking is being passed back into Shopify. SPS has been working on it but having limited success and we are starting our 3rd week with this issue.

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