How to forcibly redirect from the payment transaction success page to the Shopify one?

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Hello! I'm Ju.


Currently we are leveraging Google Analytics to collect shopify store data.


However, it was found that the sales data differed from the Shopify sales report and the GA sales tally.


As a result of investigating the cause, we found that when the customer closes the browser on the page where the payment was completed, the GA sales are not counted, but when the customer moves to the Shopify payment completion page it is normally counted in GA.

I would like to edit the code so that when a customer completes payment in payment, they are forced to go to the payment page in the Shopify store without pressing the 'Back to Merchant' button. Is it possible?

If It's possible, can you tell me how to do that?




I'm waiting for you guys help 🙂

Thank you.


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