How to get proof of delivery with Canada Post ?

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Hi !

I am a canadian-based store and I just can't figure out how to get proof of delivery with standard shipping with Canada Post !!

If USPS standard delivery has a tracking number even tough it's not part of the service, why does Canada Post do not offer this either ?  Because a customer from France filled a claim, saying that the package was not delivered, but because I do have proof of departure but not have 'proof of delivery', Paypal refunded the customer, even tough my refund policy states that I give no refunds for lost packages... 

What do you canadian stores do ???  Tracking is too expansive for most customers.

Thanks !

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Hey there Karine,

This is Alex from Shopify Guru team, happy to assist you today!

At this time with Canada Post the services they offer with delivery confirmation are PriorityTM, XpresspostTM, or Regular ParcelTM. You can read a bit more about that on the Canada Post website.

I understand how this can be frustrating when you or your customers can't track the location or status of a shipment. When a shipment is made with Canada Post without tracking, they do not record addresses or names for security and privacy so this can make it difficult to track a package when there is no tracking present.

To prevent a similar situation from happening, an option could be to only offer shipping with tracking included. That way the customer can be rest assured that they know if the package will arrive, and if this case ever repeats then you'll have proof of delivery. 

I hope this helps!

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At this point, i would also suggest the same that you can go ahead with PriorityTM, XpresspostTM, or Regular ParcelTM which come with tracking. This way you will be able to avoid incidents where the customer denies deliveries being made. Now, regarding the price of the tracked services, yes they are definitely higher. However, you can balance using the tracked and the non-tracked services. For example, if the majority of orders come from nearby locations, you can opt for non-tracked services. And if the order comes from far off states, then obvio use tracked services. This may not be full proof but is definitely better than completely going non-tracked. In addition, to offset costs, you can increase your product costs a little bit, provide addons with products that have an additional $1-$2. All these options, you can try. With hit and trial, this should work out and i am sure you will be able to find the right formula for your store. In addition, if you are looking to use an app that has both tracked and non-tracked services and allows you to track from within Shopify, you can try the Multi Carrier Shipping label app.

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