How to handle blank shipping addresses for BOPIS orders?

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Hi All, 


I am experiencing some order flow issues and I've tracked it back to when customer places an order for pick up, the shipping address is left blank. ( I can understand why )


Is there a way to change this so when a BOPIS order is placed, the address entered in shipping is our shop address?


This is wanted because when an order flows to a custom build API and then to our ERP software, it pulls the customers shipping information and uses that to label the order as such.


Any suggestions or help is much appreciated. 

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You can update the shipping address of the order via the Order API:


If you have a custom app already, you can create an API call in that app to update the order, then the other app / custom built API set a delay on that so that the order has time to update before it processes it.

Or if your custom built API is a custom app, just add a condition that if the order shipping address is nil, then fill in another address before sending to the ERP.


If you aren't able to edit the shipping address wit your custom app / built API that you mentioned, Order Automator can probably do that for you, feel free to reach out to with your use case.


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