How to handle shipping and fulfillment issues in dropshipping?

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Hello, I am completely new to Shopify Dropshipping and i'm having many problems on accounts of shipping/fulfilment of orders - 2 of them being related to Dsers. It would be much appreciated if I could have answers for the following matters:


1. Should my shipping source be the, "Dsers-fulfilment-service" under shipping in settings?


2. On Dsers, it says that the product cost is different to what it says on AliExpress; the difference being that it says it is $10.15 USD dollars on Dsers, whereas my AliExpress supplier has it on special from $25.38 USD down to $9.90 USD. It's just a bit confusing so I require guidance on why this may be to conclude my final sell price.


3. I'm trying to figure out where my supplier can and cannot ship to, and doing so will help me figure out how I can work out the shipping zones - which I also find it difficult to figure out to set up to ship my products & fulfil orders to international customers. Should I figure out what countries it can be shipped to and then address what countries my product can be shipped to on my website? Unless there is an alternative solution to this problem, then please inform me. 


I've scoured the whole internet to find some answers and not much help has turned up, so help would be wildly appreciated. Thank you in advance, and if any more problems arise, I'll ask again.

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For all 3 questions, you'll likely find the best answer by contacting the source directly. Dsers and for step 3 whoever your supplier(s) is.


Any time you're using an app, the app will usually have the best answer because they can advise the specific settings with their app.

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I've looked into this and so far the advice is going as you said, thank you!

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Hi @lachie_ 

Perhaps to answer your third question, if you need a real-time shipping rate for AliExpress or Dsers product, our app JsRates has plug-ins for both to show real-time rates at the checkout or product page. This ensures your customer see or pay the accurate shipping fee - or they will see if the items are not shipped to their country. However, you will need carrier-calculated rates (CCS) activated on your store to display the rates on the checkout page, but not on the product page. If you need assistance with this, you can contact us:

Founder @ JsRates: Custom Shipping Rates
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