How to handle suspicious large orders and prevent chargebacks?

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I’ve recently had a large order placed and cancelled it due to the IP address being 3000kms from the shipping address.


The customer emailed me asking why it had got cancelled and we let them know the concern and they confirmed it was being sent to their dad in another country and paid by his credit card. (The name on the credit card also matched a guys name with same last name as the customer).


They have placed another order after the cancellation and we can see there was a payment attempt made and then the 2nd time went through with the same card so they’ve had to put money into it for it to work, the second order is the same as the first so seems to match up.


They said they had gifts for friends inclusive as two items were order 2-3x quantity and says they can’t wait and need it hence placing the 2nd order the next day after cancelling.


The customers email we can find on social media but we are still slightly wary, there was no fraud risk shown on the analysis only the ip + shipping address not being in the same location.

Would you go ahead with this order?


We don’t want to lose products and a large amount of money so we just need some guidance.

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I recommend that you look into this topic as a preventative measure to avoid chargebacks on risky orders.