How to handle when customer is paying to return a product

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We operate only an on-line store.  In certain instances, we expect the customer to pay for return shipping.  Does anyone have a good process for how to provide the customer with a shipping label where the customer will have to pay for the shipping vs our store being changed for the shipping label.  Is there a way to issue a shipping label which will not be charged to the store?

I have seen suggestions about issuing the customer an invoice for the estimated return shipping cost and once the customer has paid the invoice, to then send them a normal return shipping label which will be charged to our store when used.  I would like to avoid the bureaucracy of this approach plus it leaves us exposed to incurring more cost for the return than we estimated and charged the customer depending on how the customer packages the return. 

Just looking to see if there is an alternative approach.

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I'd like to know the same