How to list ONE item that must ship in TWO boxes

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Trying to figure out how to create listing on items that MUST ship in two boxes.    I know this when I list the item but don't see a way to set that up when I create the item's page.     For instance I sell light fixtures.    One chandelier weighs 25 pounds when completely assembled.   However, the glass shades cannot ship attached to the metal frame.    They MUST be shipped separately to avoid damage.  The customer puts it together after receiving it.     The frame ships in a box that is a 24" cube and weighs 15 pounds.  The glass shades fit into a box that is 18" cube and weighs 10 pounds.     However, I cannot create a shopify listing (that I can see) where ONE item must ship in TWO boxes with different sizes and weights.     

I know I can indicate I'll have to revise shipping by contacting them later with shipping for the other box, but for many people that will be a turn off.   Many customers will want to see the shipping charge as part of the checkout process even if they don't purchase and are using it to get a shipping quote.

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