How to make my business less high risk to get accepted but Shopify payments

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Hi I have opened a Shopify store called SNKRWRLD Australia, the plan was to sell tickets that enter into a raffle to win a pair of high priced sneakers, this is classed as "high risk" by Shopify payments as well as payment gateway stripe, they both have basically said no, IV seen other companies like lmct and vincere Australia raffle of cars and houses and they use stripe, but they offer a discount program, your buy entries to win a car but you also get discounts to other Australian companies, I'm wondering how can I restructure so Shopify payments doesn't deem my business as high risk, my first raffle was meant to go live tomorrow on the 1 of April and I have 130 people waiting for a text message to enter this draw, that will have to be post poned until I sort this payment gateway

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