How to make phone number required on checkout address page?

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On the checkout page of filling out the billing/shipping address, how do we make the phone number required so that if the customer doesn't fill it out, they cannot continue to the next step of checkout, which is payment.

Need shipping telephone number for our courier packages.


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I too would love to be able to make the phone field required for international buyers. Canada Post has made recent changes and is now requiring recipient's phone number with every shipment. This is apparently in response to new international shipping guidelines.

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The international shipping guideline in Asia is phone number is always a MUST.


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Hi Shopifiers,

We will develop a paid app to get phone numbers, for stores that really need them. To discuss details, pricing and start using it sooner, email me at


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Is there a plan to get this feature added to the new Checkout process launching next month ( It still shows as optional.



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Wow...this normal, everyday business "feature" has been a request since at least 2013 and still no movement, Shopify?

Having the option to require customers to include a phone number as part of billing information is a basic option on so many other platforms, not to mention a basic bit of info for any business considering pick up as a fulfillment option.

How much longer and how many more times will we need to ask for this before you do something about it, Shopify?