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How to manage local delivery option on multi vendor marketplace?

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Good evening everyone out there,


as a complete beginner in Shopify I started my journey to build a multi vendor marketplace as a project for our small farm shop and a few local producers around.

I chose a template ( and work with the multi vendor marketplace app from the Shopify store (


Now I'm at the point where I got multiple (test) vendors and products that allow local deliver + pick up in store and it works out fine BUT only if I collect products from just one vendor.

If I choose products from 2 types of vendors it says: "Some of your products aren't available for local pick up" or "local delivery" as an shipping option isn't visible.


Can anyone help me fix this issue? my idea is that it has to be an option of the multi vendor marketplace app because it enables the option for different vendors but also Shopify allows to add new locations where I enabled all options regarding delivery + pick up.


Thanks everyone for your time and help - have a good evening/day 🙂


edit: since there is no option to go through checkout in preview mode I don't know if it makes sense to share a link - correct me if I'm wrong


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Curious if you ever got a good solution for this? We are trying to plug into zapiet but they don't support multiple vendor delivery options.