How To Manage Shipping When Products In Same Order Delivery Separately?

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Hi, I'm sure there is an app around to do this but i haven't been able to find it. I run a baby clothing company, all the products are on-hand and I pack and send them as the orders come in. We are about to launch an adult range, but this range will be drop-shipped as we want to test the market a bit and also see if drop-shipping is a good solution for all our products in the future.


So I want to know if there is an app or solution to easily prompt customers that choose to buy a baby clothing item and a adult item that the products in their cart will be shipped separately. Additionally, I want to make sure the customer gets the shipping notifications by email for both as they are full-filled. We are using a drop-shipper that has a Shopify integration so hopefully its not too complicated. 


I'll explain in scenario below so its super clear:

1. Customer adds a baby onesie and a adult hoodie to their cart

2. Customer initiates checkout 

3. Customer fills in all relevant details and shipping address

4. Customer reaches the shipping screen

-- Here we want one shipping cost to appear, at the moment Shopify is combing our shipping cost and the drop shipper shipping cost. We can set a universal shipping cost for this. 

-- We want a notification to pop-up or clearly tell the customer that the products in their cart will ship separately, so they should expect two packages at different times (This pop-up should only show if the customer has a baby clothing product and a drop-shipping product in their cart)

5. Customer checkouts

6. Shopify Admin fullfills order

- We want to be able to fullfill just the baby onesie when we ship that, then have the drop-shipper fullfill the drop-ship order when they fullfill that, is that possible? And will that prompt multiple shipping notifications to the customers (which is what we want)? 


Hope the above makes sense. Appreciate any advise/help app suggestions.



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Hii @Ach_R,

I hope this article is helpful for you.

Thank You.

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