How to offer an "extended warranty" for customers?

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We'd like to offer an extended warranty for a few extra bucks for our customers who buy our device, and we're trying to come up with the best way to do so but there is no clear answer. This is what we thought about doing:

1. Offer it at checkout where customers select shipping. For example, if there's only 1 shipping option, it can be: 1st option "Free shipping", then add a 2nd option "Free shipping + extended warranty for 5$"

2. We can make the warranty a product that people add to their cart and can buy it as an upsell.

I wonder whether there is a better way to upsell people a warranty for a product? 

I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks to everyone reading this!

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Hi @orik,


You can try to create a warranty product. Then show it in the product page or cart page as an option for them to buy. You might need to add custom code to show this in the product page or cart page.  In checkout page, you can only edit this if you have Shopify plus account. 

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Hi orik ,


This can be achieved using custom code in the theme, in most cases websites offer these features in the cart if the warranty is not at the product level.


Please refer to the below screenshot.


image (10).png


For more details about code please refer to the below URL



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