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How to Paypal express checkout button for Dawn theme

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Hello everyone!


I've recently launched my new website with Shopify Dawn theme and I'd like to offer customers the extra option to buy with Paypal or even Google Pay or Apple pay. However, I'd like that option to appear the same way as credit/debit card.


When I activate Paypal, it automatically appears as Express Checkout, and when on a product page, it looks like it's the only payment method available. See screenshots below.

Also, when we are in the checkout page as well, Paypal appears at the top and it seems it's the only payment method we support.


Is there a way to activate Paypal and not have the express checkout buttons. What i want to have is:

1. Product page: just a BUY NOW button

2. Checkout page: Paypal, Apple Pay, etc. to appear as an extra option after debit and credit card.


If someone could help me out it'll be fab. No coding experience.






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I got the same query.  Did you find an answer?

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No, i didn't get any answer...