How to process orders from multiple companies

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I'm actually using 4 different companies. 3 print on demand companies, and 1 dropshipping company to dropship some products.

All the companies have shopify apps. printify, yoycol, gelato, and another one for dropshipping regular products that aren't pod.

There's going to be cases where a customer may add items from multiple providers to their cart and order. What would be the most efficient way to fulfil these orders?

Also is there a way to add rules like auto process the order if the cart only has items from the dropshipping company. But if it contains item from any of the 3 pod company, it requires manual fulfilling?

Thank you so much

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Hey @tdrop 

How are you,


We created an App just for this: SplitOrder  - basically, you can (amongst other things) automatically split (and/or mark as fulfilled) fulfillment based on specific lineitems (ie from specific vendor) while keeping the other items unfulfilled in the order.


If you are interested, please let us know - would love your feedback!


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You can make a list of the POD products and SKUS of the 3 companies and sent to your dropshipping company, they can mark on the ERP system to fiter the POD orders, for example, one client ordered 2 products, one from pod, another from aliexpress, then the dropship company could split order and only fulfill the one from them. - Chinese dropshipping agent - reliable sourcing agent