Re: How to remove note for Manual Payment Method

How to remove note for Manual Payment Method

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Hi, I am using Shopify Markets for 2 countries (Singapore and Malaysia) and my base currency is Singapore dollars. I am however trying to add manual payment methods for Malaysian buyers like bank transfer since we have a business entity in Malaysia too.


However, the statement below saying "Note: you will be charged $758.56 SGD" is not needed. 

Any idea on how to remove this? I can't seem to find the settings to remove that statement.

Thanks in advance!

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Additional Info:
The order details are also ONLY AVAILABLE in the base currency Singapore dollars after manual payment method is selected. This will be confusing for my buyers, because they are expecting to pay manually by bank transfer in Malaysian Ringgit.


Is this a default behavior set by Shopify??

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I'm facing the same issue for a store being developed, the base currency is GBP, and the same note is showing on manual payment methods, even though the local currency is shown on the right side of the page. 

This note is really confusing for customers and results in a lower conversion, has there been no solution for this??