How to reship orders in bulk

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We're looking to reship over 600 orders (due to various reasons, mostly with customers packages getting lost by shipping carriers) and we're having issues on how to do this. 

We use wonderment to track order statuses, which is how we identify the orders we need to reship (when they're in-transit for too long), this is not something we're able to change. 

Once we have a list of orders we need to re-ship from Wonderment, we of course need to upload these orders in to Shopify, identifying the specific products that go out with each order. Wonderment exports do not allow for product sku's and line items to be identified in the export. This handicaps us from being able to use EZ Importer to upload bulk orders. 

We do not use Shopify payments / inventory solutions.


Does anyone have any solutions here?

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