How to resolve international shipping issues on my ecommerce platform?

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We have an issue with our shipping.


We have created three shipping zones: 


Domestic: Belgium: Free shipping (your rate = Free, carrier and app rate = Fedex)

Free Shipping Countries: France, Germany, Netherlands: Free shipping (your rate = Free, carrier and app rate = Fedex)

Rest of the world: using our Fedex international economy account.


Screenshot 2023-07-27 at 11.27.39.png


We also have three markets 

Screenshot 2023-07-27 at 11.32.11.png

And our problem is that we can simulate orders for Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and France but cannot simulate or order for the rest of the world. We get the message: "we do not ship to this destination" 

Has anyone had the same problem? We've tried several times and cannot find the problem. 

Thanks for your help.



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