How to schedule carrier pickups for after-hours ecommerce shipping?

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Im having trouble creating a system for myself. I am soon going to launch my website. My dilemma is managing time and creating a system that will work for me and customers. I am currently working a full time job Mon- Fri 8:00am - 4:30pm the idea is to full fill orders after work starting around 5:30pm -9:30pm. The tricky part is I cant ship them myself since most carriers open at 9am- 5:00pm. I know i can schedule a pick up from a carrier. I just do not know what day is best to schedule pick ups and not have customers waiting too long for their package. 

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Consider scheduling carrier pickups on Tuesdays and Fridays. This way, you can process orders in the evening after work and have them ready for pickup the next day. This minimizes customer wait time and ensures timely shipping. Adjust this schedule as your order volume and customer preferences evolve.

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You can add order processing time information in your product description

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Hi @Agarcia23 , 

One option could be to explore carrier drop-off locations nearby your location. Keep all the orders you received previously ready at night and drop them off to the carrier in the morning.

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