How to separate shipping costs for different product types on my ecommerce site?

How to separate shipping costs for different product types on my ecommerce site?

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Hi all.


Quite new to Shopify and looking for a bit of advise.

We currently sell gift boxes worldwide from Japan with Standard shipping included. Upon check out customers have the option to select Express shipping for an extra charge. So far so good and it works well.


However, we’re going to include other products such as traditional Japanese ceramics sold individually and separately from gift boxes. Each item ranges from $30 to 70 USD. We’d like to offer free shipping for the ceramics if the customer orders over $200 USD.


However, we’re concerned that a customer will order a gift box AND an e.g. $30 ceramic item and expect free shipping for both.

Unfortunately, as we can’t add the ceramic item to the gift box (it literally just wouldn’t fit in as the box is already full) we’d need to send two boxes i.e. 1 gift box and 1 box for the ceramic item which wouldn’t be feasible due to the double shipping cost to us.

Any suggestions as to how to avoid this and ensure purchases (and free shipments) are made paid for and made separately in the example above?

e.g. should we create separate Collections and, if we did, can we set separate shipping charges/conditions for each?

Any advice welcome!

Thanks in advance.

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Hello @KLine23 

In the shopify admin's shipping settings you can create a custom shipping rate for these products separately or you can use some shipping app for this purpose.

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