How to set minimum purchase amounts by location?

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I'm trying to find a solution to have a purchase minimum amount for certain Australian States. Basically people in 1 state need to buy a minimum amount of items or purchase a cart over a certain amount to be able to checkout. Is this possible? Thanks!

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Hey Sedi,


You can use the "Order Limits' app ( to set cart minimums for the store as a whole, but I don't think it's possible to do it for just a specific state within Australia. 




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There is a not so clean but 100% working solution for this using our app ShipMagic. You could conditionally hide all your shipping methods if the cart does not satisfy the minimum amount of items for the specific state. That way the customer won't be able to checkout. 

This solutions works even on the basic Shopify plan.

Let me know if you are interested in trying out the solution.

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