How to set up a simplified local pickup option at checkout?

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I know I have asked this in the past but doesn't look like it's been added so asking again. I am looking for a simplified pickup location option where a customer can choose a FREE pickup location listed at checkout. These are 3rd party businesses that have agreed to be pick locations for me. This allows me to service multiple small townships in the area as well as promote other small businesses. These business do not stock the inventory so the current set up does not work for me. I pack the orders at home office, then take them to the pickup location, send an email to the customer letting them know their order is ready for pickup. I currently am using a 3rd party app which is doing the job but is a bit clunkier than I'd like and I'm pretty sure they have added a fee so I'm also paying for it. 

I'm looking for a simple and seamless choice at checkout, which I have had in the past with other web providers so know it's possible. 

thanks Candice with Ink Drinker's

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