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How to set up checkout with Shopify's headless API?

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I'm currently building a website with Shopify Headless API (Storefront) in order to build my shop. I built everything, and it worked fine. However, when willing to create the checkout step... I have no idea what to do. 

I've tried to use the Shopify checkout URL provided by the Cart API but I ended up with a lot of issues: 

1. [LOW] Since my domain is not linked to Shopify, the checkout URL is not using my website domain.

2. [BLOCKER] When my user is logged in and the cart is associated to them, on the checkout URL, the customer is not recognized, hence they have to login again.

3. [BLOCKER] The links existing in the checkout page are all using the Online Store website, and I appear to have NO WAY of updating it (curious for a product supporting headless). I contacted the help center, advising to use the shopify redirections but it does not work. 

4. [HIGH] I have no way of customizing the experience the way I want it, the checkout liquid templates seem to be terminated. 


So, as suggested by both people from community and someone on the chat, I decided to create a sales channel app, and asked for payement request processing. 

It's perfect for me since I would also like to use Stripe, so two birds with one stone....




No. I got an answer that it's not the way to go (even if it was actually recommended to me, and people seem to be doing it!), and I've been asked why I'm not using the "Cart Permalinks". 

So yeah, ideally I would love to be using this feature but it does not seem to be working in a headless context (I would love to be wrong though). And the alternative of creating an app seem to be a problem as well. I tried to contact the support again, asked for a call etc. but I couldn't get anyone or any answer. 

What should I do? 



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did you succeed?!!


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Hi Rishi, 

Sadly no. I got no answer on this and on the help center they told me there are no other ways but to use the checkout URL from now on on headless. I tried building a Shopify App for the payment instead but they are blocking it from now on. It's a shame because this feature is clearly not ready and the headless seems to be more of a edge case than the real focus for Shopify (at least for the checkout funnel).