How to set up processing time and transit time on Shopify?

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Hi, I am new to Shopify store.


I fulfill my tshirt orders through Pod company, Printify. The print provider I am using takes about 2 days to fulfill my order, so I would like to set this processing time to my shipping settings. This applies to all of my orders. My questions are:


1. When I try to set up processing time, the notification pops up, "You currently don’t have any shipping rates with transit time. Once you’ve set up transit times, you can then use processing time to show delivery dates to your customers." How do I set up transit time?


2. At the same time, I wanna be safe about the processing time, so I would like to set it as 2-7 business days. Is there any way to do this?


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I have the same problem, @jaehyeokeom did you found a solution ?