How to setup delivery fee based on postal code?

How to setup delivery fee based on postal code?

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Hi there, can Shopify be able to charge different delivery fees at checkout based on different postal codes?  For example, customers will have free delivery if they are located at Zone A and customer will have to pay $10 delivery charge if they are located outside of Zone A.  Currently we are able to setup different delivery options (ie: Zone A and outside Zone A) for customers to choose at check out.  However, some customers outside Zone A will pick the free delivery option.  It would be great if Shopify can spilt out a delivery rate based on the customer's postal code automatically.  

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HI, did you find any solution for this. i amin the same boat.

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Hey Kevin. I don't know of a native way to do this in Shopify, but it's something you can achieve in our app (Starshipit) using automation rules. It is a paid solution, so may not suit you, but just wanted to offer it in any case. Good luck!

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