How to setup pakke shop integration for Denmark for shipping

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I'm bulding a webshop that will do around 20-100 orders per month. All orders will be for same size / same weight packages.  How do I easily connect to GLS or Postnord to automatically create shipping labels.

Customers will be charged fixed amount so that part is easy.

I can only find Apps that requires Carrier Calculated Rates which again requires more expensive Shopify licenses.


All packages will be delivered via pakke-shops in both ends.


Thanks in advance

Frederik M


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Hi @Manigoff,


If you possess a personal Postnord account, you can make use of apps like the PH MultiCarrier Shipping Label, which seamlessly integrates with Shopify. Nonetheless, if you are utilizing a dropshipping service, it is advisable to inquire with them directly regarding their compatibility and integration with Shopify.

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