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New to Shopify and setting up online sales. I read over some of the shipping FAQ but am still confused. What I need help with is setting up international shipping

I am in the USA.
I only ship 1 product, weighs 2 lbs total (product plus box).
I want to ship USPS flatrate medium, I think I got this part set by setting a standard domestic shipping rate of $16.25, which is the medium flatrate box cost.


The things I need help with are....
How do I get international shipping via USPS Priority Mail International, using the same medium-box and 2lb weight? 
I have handling fee as "-", shipping speed as "calculated", and services as "priority mail international"


Thank you so much for your help, this whole thing is new to me

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Hi @coneinfinity,

Thank you for getting in touch. Setting up international shipping can be intimidating at first, but it can be managed successfully within Shopify by making use of our shipping profiles and zones. You can decide to offer shipping options to your international customers via either flat or live calculated rates.

Using flat rates would be appropriate if, for example, you wanted to charge $16.25 as the cost of shipping for your product to your international customers. If you opt to do this, you'd first want to decide where you are shipping to—you may wish to ship worldwide, or perhaps to just a more local country at first, such as Canada—and then do some research on how much it will cost you to ship to various countries. You may realize that the rates you charge for shipping internationally are significantly higher than shipping domestically within the US, and you can reflect that in the flat rate that you charge.

If you decide to ship with live rates from USPS, this can make life a bit easier for both you and your customers. The live rates will use your shipping origin, the customer's location, and the weight and size of the package to calculate an accurate shipping rate, which will reduce the chances of either you or the customer overpaying for shipping. You can enable USPS Priority Mail International in the shipping zone for your international customers in Settings > Shipping and delivery:


I hope this has helped explain things for you, but please let me know if you have further questions on getting this all set up. I would also recommend checking out our blog post on international shipping as it goes into great detail on what considerations you need to be making.

Victor | Social Care @ Shopify 
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