How to Setup Tiered Shipping Rates by Distance

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Hi I badly need help.  My online store has multiple suppliers from different locations.  Given that, I setup a "hub" per cluster.  I have 3 hubs to be exact: Hub A, Hub B, Hub C.  There are products exclusive to a "hub" and I need to get the shipping calculation from HUB as the SOURCE, not my main HQ.   Calculation method should be based on range of distance from the product hub.


Short Distance [1-8km]: PhP 120.00

Medium Distance [8.1-12km]: PhP 150.00

Long Distance [>12km]: PhP 199.00


I used Zapiet "By the Distance" app, but seems that it could only manage 1 location.   I tried Intuitive Shipping, but it is so sophisticated that I cannot get it work! 😞

Please! I am so frustrated. 😞  Thanks!

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Hello @jrcatubag ,

Sandy here, from Zapiet !

Our Delivery Rates by Distance app does offer the possibility to create more than one location, where you'll be able to set up their own address and the rates by distance. So each "Hub" could have the distance calculated from their address to the customer's address.

This app by itself, though, won't allow you to configure products availability by location/hub.

I would recommend to look into our main app, Store Pickup + Delivery, to help you with this.

Here is a link to learn how to integrate both apps together :

Don't hesitate to contact us at, if you have any more questions.