How to ship large furniture items within New Zealand?

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For our Homewares and Children's Toys / Puzzles we have shipping sorted and goes out via standard courier services (eg: NZ Post), however we are stuggling with our furniture items.


Due to their size, here in New Zealand we can't courier them, so have to use freight services (eg: Mainfreight, Fliways etc). As we add more furniture products, this will become more of an issue.


At the moment, we have a note as follows (eg: for our Shoe Rack product - Shoe Rack – Rangitikei Woodworks😞


Shipping is set at a nominal charge of NZ$1.00 as shipping will be invoiced separately due to the Shoe Rack being an oversized item and is in addition to the cost of the Shoe Rack.


Once you’ve placed your order, we will be in touch letting you know when you can expect your order and to arrange either pick up from our workshop or shipping.  The nominal charge of NZ$1.00 will be refunded either at pick up or when shipping is invoiced.



I'm hoping someone might have some good ideas of how to sort this as each furniture item will have different shipping costs depending on where in the country it is going to (ie: North Island - Urban or Rural or South Island - Urban or Rural), else we will just have to keep doing what we are currently which is a bit annoying.

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There are 2 ways you could explore -

1. Create separate shipping profiles for different products. This will allow you to set up different shipping rates for different products. Here you have a limitation that you can only create maximum 99 shipping profiles.

2. Use an app like ShipMagic which allows you to set up unique shipping price for each product in a product metafield. You can also display different rates for different regions using zipcodes.

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As mentioned above, you can create shipping profiles for each region and create rates based on weight range.


Another option is to use apps. For example, with our app JsRates you can use shipping rates from spreadsheets, shipping rate with driving distance and item weight, or any other configuration you can think of. You will need third-party carrier calculated shipping rate activated on your store to use JsRates at checkout.  We will help you setup the rates.

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Hello @Michael_NZ ,


  1. Set up different shipping profiles, zones, and shipping costs for each weight range. This task will not be easy.
  2. Check the carrier-calculated rates based on the carrier you are using. Verify if there's integration available with the carrier to display carrier-calculated rates at checkout. This will eliminate the struggle of configuring different shipping profiles, zones, rates, and weight ranges for each combination.

  3. Use the PH Multi Carrier Shipping Label app. You can integrate it with NzPost, FedEx, UPS, or DHL Express to show live rates at checkout.

  4. Another strategy is to include the shipping cost in the product price or continue using your existing strategy to quote the shipping cost later.

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Hey Michael, I'll add our solution to these replies just in case you're still looking for a solution. Our app (Starshipit) can solve for this using our rules engine. It's pretty comprehensive and will enable you to set up rules based on item, location and carrier (any combination). Let me know if you'd like to learn more and good luck in any case!

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